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Unclaimed Property Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Unclaimed Property

The Reporting Process

General Reporting Information


About Unclaimed Property

What is Unclaimed Property?
When is property considered abandoned?
What is the mailing address for NJ Unclaimed Property?
Does the UPA have a Voluntary Disclosure program?
How do I acquire a list of all the unclaimed property the Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) is currently holding?
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Reporting Process

How does a Holder submit an unclaimed property report?
Are there instructions on how to report unclaimed property to the State of New Jersey?
What is the cutoff date and when are reports due?
If the report deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, when is the report due?
Can I file an extension to report?
Does NJ require electronic reports and is there a specific format for electronic report files?
How do I submit a negative report?
How do I remit a payment?
We’re attempting to remit payment via eCheck/ACH, our bank account has a debit filter (block). What is your ACH Company ID number (debit filter)?
How do I file for a Reimbursement of property either reported in error or to recover property paid to the owner?
How do I deliver the securities (shares)?
Are aggregate properties accepted and what is the aggregate amount report limit?
How do you report abandoned Safe Deposit Box contents?


I have loaded my report online. However, the payment will be sent via Fed Wire Transfer. Do I need to mail a payment voucher?
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General Reporting Information

What is a negative report? And are negative reports required?
Do reports need to be notarized?
What is the due diligence requirement?
Do Holders submit proof of Due Diligence Mailings?
Are Holders permitted to deduct mailing expenses from the report?
Are business to business transactions exempt from the Unclaimed Property Statute?
Can a Holder file a report monthly?
Are owner social security numbers required to be reported on the Owner Information?
Can a Holder obtain a prepared W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form from NJ Unclaimed Property?
Why did I receive a email addressed “To All Unclaimed Property Holders” about reporting unclaimed property?
Is there a minimum amount for reporting unclaimed property?
Does NJ Unclaimed Property have reciprocal agreements with other states?
Are Holders domiciled outside of NJ required to report unclaimed property to NJ?
Are Holders permitted to use industry sources/agencies to create and/or report their unclaimed property?
Will Holders receive a confirmation that their unclaimed property report has been accepted?
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Last Updated: Thursday, 08/02/18


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