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Unclaimed Property Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Unclaimed Property Searching for Unclaimed Property

The Claim Process

General Claims Information


About Unclaimed Property

What is Unclaimed Property?
Why is property turned over to the State Treasury?
How does property become unclaimed?
Does the State ever seize or take ownership of property that goes unclaimed?
What effort does the Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) make to locate property owners?
How can an organization request the UPA Outreach team attend their event (Fair, public conference, etc.)?
How do I acquire a list of all the unclaimed property the Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) is currently holding?
Is my unclaimed property taxable? Will I need to report it on my tax returns?
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Searching for Unclaimed Property

How do I find out if I have any unclaimed property being held by the State of New Jersey?
Is the web site legitimate?
How do I determine if the property I located on is mine?
While searching for property in other States I noticed some States provide the name of the company who escheated the funds and a dollar range. Why doesn’t New Jersey provide this information?
Can I claim property on behalf of someone else?
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The Claim Process

I located property on that I want to submit a claim on, how do I file?
After I submit a claim what is the next step in the process?
How do I find out the value of unclaimed property?
How do I prove ownership of the property I’m claiming?
Why is my social security number requested as part of the claim process?
Does the State pay interest when reuniting property with its rightful owner?
How does interest get calculated?
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General Claims Information


I received a 1099 INT form. What is this for and what should I do with it?


I received a 1099B – Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions form.  What is this for and what should I do with it?

I read my name in an Unclaimed Property newspaper advertisement. What should I do?
A friend of mine told me they saw my name in a newspaper advertisement for Unclaimed Property in New Jersey. What do I do?
I submitted a claim through at approximately the same time someone else did however they received a letter telling them their claim was approved and I haven’t heard anything. Why?
Why is the amount on my check different from the property value on my letter/claim packet?
I checked my claim status on the website and it says my check was issued 2 weeks ago but I haven’t received it yet.  Can I get a new one issued?
I’m submitting a claim on property where I am not the listed property owner. What SSN should I provide when filing the claim submission?
I previously filed a claim on and the property is no longer listed on their web site, why?
I have all my paperwork ready. Can I come into the Unclaimed Property office and get a check?
The UPA sold my shares after they were turned over to the State. How can you do this?
I elected to have my shares re-registered during the claim process. What is the normal time frame to receive this information from the Transfer Agent?
I received a letter from a financial institution that stated my property was escheated to New Jersey as of a certain date. How come I can’t locate the property on
I received my letter months ago and it is now after the reporting deadline and my property is still not on What should I do?
What is an heir finder/locator? Should I pay one?
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Last Updated: Thursday, 08/02/18


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